Ladies who Lunch

This week saw Derve and I going to town for a day - we decided to do a spot of shopping and wandering and we would see where the day would take us.

We found an interesting thrift shop tucked away in its own alley on Catherine St. I don't quite know if it's new or if I've just been out of the country for too long, but either way, it's so great to see these kinds of places springing up in Limerick! We have lived without a Temple-Bar-like district for too long.

This jumper made me chuckle, although I'm not sure I agree. Do you have to be mean to be a winner? -

We continued up Thomas St. and decided to pass through Foxes Bow (for those who don't know Limerick, this is an alley, housing several shops, and the odd bar or café). Seeing Limerick with new eyes (after my six-month stint in France), I spotted some cool street-art designs and features. Somebody has been looking after the empty and derelict lots in Limerick!
Eventually, our bellies reminded us that it was lunchtime, and we moseyed over to a sandwich shop on Thomas St. I had a Mexican wrap and a coffee, and Derve had a smoked salmon bagel with a cup of tea.
After lunch, we decided we couldn't resist the park on such a nice day. We stopped at a shop to get ice-cream before enjoying it on the grass in The People's Park. There, we met a woman who was walking her cat on a lead - a difficult task, I'm sure, given that cats very much like to do as they please.

This kitty decided she wanted to sit with us, and would not budge for 5 whole minutes.
Sandal game!

The weather has broken somewhat, with rain and clouds hampering our sunny days! However, the temperature is still hitting 20 degrees most days, so once the cloud clears we may be in for a few more sunny days like this one!

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