Believe the hype - Adidas Stan Smith 2014

The hype surrounding those Adidas shoes has been phenomenal since the announcement of their return last year.
They seem to have garnered a considerable fanbase since their original release in the 70s, and when Phoebe Philo stepped onto her own Céline runway in 2010 wearing the classics, the shoes became even more of a fashion thing, and less of an athletic thing. Throw some clever marketing into the mix (naked Gisele in Vogue anyone?) and Adidas was definitely on to a winner.

Adidas probably isn't the brand your mind is immediately drawn to when you imagine a fashion-conscious girl's wishlist, but that's exactly where these shoes have been since their comeback in early 2014. The shoes sold out everywhere, and the green/white colourway was particularly hard to come by until Adidas stepped up to the demand around Easter-time.

Not only are these considerably cheap (as leather trainers go) and wonderfully comfortable, many high-fashion brands have actually started to copy these for next fall. I'm looking at you, Isabel Marant. I was a first-time Adidas customer on their website, so they emailed me a discount code too - can I get a hooray from other girls-on-a-budget?!

I can vouch for these trainers, I can understand the hype. Not only is the leather softer and more buttery than that of any other trainer I've ever owned, but they absolutely go with everything in my wardrobe. Not only that, but they make everything in my wardrobe look cooler. I've started to wear clothes during the day that I would have normally saved for nights out, because with these, I can dress down a piece with a totally effortless twist.

Believe me when I tell you that you can totally wear these with anything. Go on, try them with a dress. Try them with those beautiful tailored trousers that you would normally wear a heel with... And leave a little ankle on show. I told you so.

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