Rome Photo Diary, Pt. 2

 Wandering through the little streets of Rome as it got dark was magical...
We didn't need much, as the water was on tap.
 The trees in Rome are so unexpected.

On the first Sunday of the month, some of Rome's finest attractions are free. I was lucky enough to take advantage of this on the first Sunday of August, visiting the Colosseum.

River views are always my favourite, so it's no surprise that I was enchanted every time I got near the Tevere.

 Nik looking slick. (I'm here all week, folks)
 The pantheon is a must-see. It's so much bigger in real life than I had ever imagined, and it knocked the wind from me just walking past. Bonus: it's free in.

 St. Peter's Square is also great, and the basilica is a real beauty! I didn't expect to be left as breathless as I was, but on entering, I was stuck for words.

 Michelangelo's Pietà, inside the basilica.
 The Vatican guard uniform reminds me of a jester costume. There's something so regal about seeing them guarding their posts, though.

 For a great view of Rome, visit The Orange Garden (this is one of my favourite areas in Rome for a peaceful stroll).

 I'll leave you with a Nik-pik (teehee).
Already dreaming of going back to Rome and walking around the little streets, supplì in hand! (What is supplì? Click here, and try one if you ever find yourself in a pizzeria in Rome.)
Finally, thank you Nik for putting up with me for three weeks! It was the most wonderful summer holiday I've ever had.

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