(1) The weather's been getting colder and the nights have gotten considerably longer. While the cold has its serious drawbacks, it does mean that we get to wear our new winter warmers! I've been getting loads of wear out of my boots, as well as layering with vests, cardigans and gilets. The one item that's still on my shopping list is a pair (or a few) of thick, fluffy socks. I am one of those eternally cold-footed people, after all.

(2) I have been seriously loving my newest foundation purchase, the L'OrĂ©al True Match liquid foundation. I'm pretty pale at this time of the year, but my skin is still on the yellow side of the spectrum. I've been using the yellowy version of the palest colour (W1 - Golden Ivory) and I've been really impressed with this little gem. My top tip is to apply it with hands and really pat it into the skin using the heat from your fingers (I find that it can sit on top of the skin and slip later in the day if I use a brush, but when really worked in with fingers it blends into the skin perfectly).

(3) I finally came to terms with my growing shoe collection and bought a handy shoe rack to store them where I can see them. This is working out so well for me! I can see what my choices are in the morning, without trying to remember what I have in black and rooting around in the mess under the bed. Not the most exciting thing, but an essential for a shoe person.

(4) I didn't get to go out for Halloween unfortunately. College is intense at the moment, and I have assignments coming out of my ears. However, I was working on Saturday night so I did get to dress up (although I did have to stand at the wrong side of the bar, serving drinks and not drinking them). I had to do my makeup when I arrived at work, so this is what I went with. Dressing up for work made us all super giddy! Although I was working, I still got to throw a few moves behind the bar, and it was definitely a good break from the books!

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